Our History...
It all started in the summers of 1948-1951, in brush arbors, Rev. Alfred Laprairie began to preach the Gospel in CenterPoint.
In 1952, Rev. Johnny Henderson became pastor and our first building was erected on Bryant road.
Over the next 18 years we had serval pastors, leading to the long time pastor and current Bishop, Douglas Belgard.
Bishop Belgard and his Wife Patsy Belgard served our church and community for 45 years, 1970-2015.  In 1970 they began teaching and preaching the gospel, CenterPoint Pentecostal Church began to grow.  Bishop and Sis Belgard continued to labor throughout the years and in 2007 were able to build our current beautiful building on Hwy 115.  In 2015 Bishop Douglas and Patsy decided it was time for new leadership and retirement.
Pastor Carl and Mary Beard were elected as pastor of CenterPoint Pentecostal Church August 2, 2015.